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accurate Jun. 27th, 2019 @ 02:40 pm

The Alma1 enzyme, aside from building the molecule that gives the beach its special stink, turns out to be crucial to the ocean's health.

Jul. 12th, 2018 @ 10:37 am

Jul. 12th, 2018 @ 10:35 am

the fam Nov. 16th, 2016 @ 08:44 am

Obligatory family photo at Dogtoberfest!

Denver Nov. 15th, 2016 @ 08:45 am

We went to Denver to visit some friends, had lotsa fun, got altitude sickness. I suppose its to be expected seeing I live at sea level. 
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» (No Subject)

» (No Subject)

» Sutro Bath Ruins
Sutro Bath Ruins by tiffanycsteinke
Sutro Bath Ruins, a photo by tiffanycsteinke on Flickr.

» Me n ben in a field
Me n ben in a field by tiffanycsteinke
Me n ben in a field, a photo by tiffanycsteinke on Flickr.

most recent pic of me and the birthday boy

» ben and i long ago in olympia washington

haha when we fell in love

» horray for us
horray for us by tiffanycsteinke
horray for us, a photo by tiffanycsteinke on Flickr.

my old mans becoming an old man this is old too happy b day ben!!!

» 242
242 by tiffanycsteinke
242, a photo by tiffanycsteinke on Flickr.

» kt havin a beer for her dad

16 years this month <3

» x posted to pictureingfood
fresh Strawberry filled cupcakes
First up is Fresh strawberry filled cupcakes i made for a contest, they were fun and tasty!

Arugula white pizza pie
ive been making this alot, arugula or swiss chard crostatas, easy and soo yummy
Read moreCollapse )
» dunedin marina boats!
dunedin marina boats! by tiffanycsteinke
dunedin marina boats!, a photo by tiffanycsteinke on Flickr.

» god loves a 70 chevy malibu

ben got in a wreck last nite, 3 car pile up he was rear ended by a teen, now we wait to see if its totaled, it wouldn't start and both the front and back end is smashed ;(

» (No Subject)
192 by tiffanycsteinke
192, a photo by tiffanycsteinke on Flickr.

we went for a walk lastnite

» baby ben yawn
baby ben yawn by tiffanycsteinke
baby ben yawn, a photo by tiffanycsteinke on Flickr.

its my boyfriends b day!! YAY

» (No Subject)
shadow smile
hi again lj!

sammy pet portrait
thats my cat

water at a park
we've been going to parks

Alligator in the swamp
checkin out gators

takin pics of my friends

fresh baked bread!
baking bread

hellooo new pillows
and power lounging on the sofa lol sorry for so many pics...
» Me ben and katie as Manos hands of Fate

» my awesome eyeball nails

my sister painted my nails!

» (No Subject)
black swan eye
takin advantage of the gross eye and took black swan pics.. someone on self portraits said i black swanned my eye and it gave me the idea!
» i can hardly look at myself

check out my gross ass eye!

» (No Subject)
I never update anymore!!

Leigha Alexandra for ragdolly.net
I took pics for ragdolly.net

fiery backyard florida sunset
theres been some nice sunsets in my back yard

swimmers and sunset clouds
i went to the beach a bunch

everyday in daytona
we even went to the beach in daytona and the waves kicked my ass ( not pictured here lol)

we rearranged for fall
i rearranged my living room.. decorated for halloween and thats about it lately
» (No Subject)
bathroom with vintage wall paper

its shiny!!! shiny vintage silver wall paper
i wallpapered a bathroom in my house with vintage silver shiny cherry blossom wallpaper.. i am soar today!
» things ive been up to


hey R 2 bring me that beer!

pink lemonaide and tigerblood shaved ice

here i am making mozzarella cheese for the second time from scratch

tv time with the fam, selling cute ass cheap vintage on ebay n etsy, enjoying tigerblood italian ice from a truck up the street from my house, and making cheese... mozzarella
» should i tear down the celing to find the leak?

ceiling leak in the laundry room addition.. it looks like its been repaired before .. i think i have a big project ahead of me!!

» (No Subject)
some awesome harry potter gifts!!

pig of happiness!
pig of happiness card lol

tres leche cupcake
i had a good b day i got harry potter gifts and other awesome stuff.. and ate tres leche cupcakes and gorged on mexican food ;)
» (No Subject)
todays my birthday@!! i usually do a photo retrospective but i dont have time today!!
» 366
366 by tiffanycsteinke
366, a photo by tiffanycsteinke on Flickr.

we went to ft desoto yesterday! wee beach day

» Goin Bananas Gorilla Monsoon Cake

please click on this pic and leave a comment on this awesome cake my sister made to help her win this baking contest.. she truly deserves it!! the comment has to be on flickr so if you have a flickr it would really help out! thanks guys!

» Hulkamaniac Brotherhood cupcake

please click the pic and leave a comment on this pic! its a VOTE!! please vote for me!! (it has to be on flickr)

» (No Subject)
fresh Strawberry filled cupcakes
i made some bitchen cupcakes ;)
» alexis mateo and johnny weir

yay johnny weir at the mall the other day!!

» (No Subject)
katie n me in the pool
been spending alot of time in the pool lately.. adelia took this of me n katie

mermaid mom and child

handplanting diving me
i may be fat but i got mad skillz hahaha adelia took this too

» looots of food pics
x posted to picturing food
chickn burger with poblano
summer means bbq! grilled corn with a roasted yellow pepper finishing sauce and siracha and a fake chicken morning star burger (i like mine burnt) with roasted poblano pepper and a corn and poblano salsa and roasted garlic aioli mmm and obligatory pasta salad ( but this time i made it with corn and red pepper chunks instead of peas like i normally do)
Read more lots more food pics and some pretty rainbow cupcakes againCollapse )
» blasting the fire in dunedin

just walked down the street to view the local fire (still happening)

» vintage vivian leigh trash art

» (No Subject)

» (No Subject)
film pic of renata

» (No Subject)
vintage yellow velvet sofa
our house was featured on this site

» sunset swimmin
sunset last nite at honeymoon island
we went to swim at shark feeding time again... it was nice tho

ben in the ocean sea splash
ben almost got hit in the head by a jumping mullett..

drawin hearts in the sand
we drew hearts in the sand

hot bikinin posing action on the beach
i zoomed in from the ocean to creep on this photogs bikini shoot

pink skies once the sun is down
and stayed till the sky turned pink once the sun was down.. also we saw a TON of stingrays and after living here for ever this was the first time we actually saw them in the water right up against the shoreline!! (i tried getting pics but there so unclear) and my sister saw a horseshoe crab!
» ive been takin lots of food pics lately
pepsi max and oatmeal cupcake
pepsi max and a oatmeal cupcake made by adelia

deep fried pickles at eddies
fried pickles i ate on moms day from this place called eddies

eddies pizza
pizza also from eddies

ravioli fillings
fillings for homemade raviolis we made with wanton skins

giant mole burrito and taco OLE MOLE'
and a burrito i made for cinco de mayo covered in mole mmm
» (No Subject)

just seein if this etsy mini will show up...
» (No Subject)
giant softie turtle in kts back seat
saved a soft shell turtle on Easter.. put it in katies car and drove him to where he came from (giant ditch)

gardenias for days
gardenias in my back yard in bloom (i pick them every 2 days and my house smells nice)

nadia n me soakin it up
its pool season already (even tho were in a hot tub here haha)

soaring osprey in my back yard
and theres bunches of ospreys in my yard all the time.. hope everyone else is havin fun!
» (No Subject)

» (No Subject)




FINALLy got around to uploading pics form last week,.,.still have more to go through
» (No Subject)
we saw dr dog last nite and they had a pretty set.. and i cannot go back on my lj friends page.. is it just me or wtf?
» (No Subject)
i lightened the pic in picnic to get rid of the line in the background paper and i likey! un edited one on flickr is just as impressive lol
» (No Subject)
pretty pretty candy topped cupcakes

i think im gettin the hang of the konad stampers

beautiful fruit pizza
ive been all about the pretty pretty these days.. but i diddent make the fruit pizza my friend craig did ;P
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